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Local. Is. Better.

You know how fresh eggs taste better and strawberries picked straight from the garden are so much more flavorful? Have you ever traveled to small European villages where huge supermarkets are non-existent and the food is just so good?   High end restaurants understand the link between the best food and locally grown ingredients; many have space set aside for a seasonal garden!  The same is true for flowers.

Aside from having more variety and pettier options, there is a significant impact to internationally sourced flowers.  This accounts for over 80% of cut flowers used in the in the US, most from South America.  The toll this is taking on the environment - and people - in those countries is alarming, not to mention the transportation impact.


Fortunately, Colorado farms are stepping-up by making local, sustainably grown flowers available.   Small, independent farmers take pride in their work and want to provide the best blooms possible.  Most local flower farms either use no or minimal chemicals, which is a benefit for the entire community, people, insects, birds, and land.   


Locally grown flowers tend to last longer, are more fragrant, and include so many unique and amazing varieties that can't survive shipping.  You can make a difference by asking your florist where their flowers are sourced and spreading the word.  If you have space, try growing a few of your favorites to bring inside. 

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