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My name is Lauren

My love of growing flowers and passion for creative floral design have manifested into this unique experience. I am the lead designer and farm planner. 


After almost a decade of living in the city and working in corporate environmental departments I realized I needed a change.  My disconnect to nature was real.  I had no idea the 180 my life would take from acting on this realization; life looks totally different today!  Rustic Rose is a family-run farm and floral design studio focusing on soil health, biodiversity, and outstanding arrangements.

I've killed more plants than I'm willing to admit and spent more than a few sleepless nights getting the bouquets just right.  Sometimes, I'll be honest, plants still die.  Yet, I can honestly say I am living my passion.  That is - to create & share amazing floral designs, grow unique quality flowers, and participate in the local flower movement that protects our environment.

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