Flowers for Sale


Explore these frequently asked questions about our farm, our servies, and growing flowers in Colorado. 

01. Do you ever open the farm for a U-pick or tours?

Due to our farm being located where we live, for privacy reasons we are not currently open to the public.

02. How can I get my special order, do you deliver?

Depending on the size and location of your order, we may deliver for a small fee or you can pick up at the farm.  For full service weddings and events delivery is included.  

03. What are the hours of the farm stand and days/location of the farmers market?

For the most up-to-date details check our instagram or facebook page or shoot us an email.

04. How do I keep my flowers fresh?

It's important to know that all flowers have a different vase-life.  Some, like those coveted dahlias, only last for 4-5 days while others can last over two weeks (or longer).  Varieties like statice and many foliage species are rockstars that will dry and look virtually the same as they do fresh.  The best way to keep your flowers fresh and long-lasting is to keep them in a cool location out the sun with new fresh water everyday.  When you change the water, give an angled snip to the ends for clean water uptake and use floral preservative.  Also, keep them away from countertop produce, which emits ethylene gas, and speeds up ripening.  

05. Can I request specific flowers in my order?

We typically ask a series of questions during order intake to determine the "vibe" you are looking for, then we'll match this with what is blooming and stealing the "farm show" at the time.  For example, we'll ask if you'd prefer bright & colorful or monotone & vintage, wild & loose or organized.  Pictures are always helpful to ensure we are on the same page.   For specific flowers, we will do our best to accommodate, but due to the nature of our small scale operation and seasonality of locally grown flowers we cannot make guarantees.  Some of the most sought after flowers, like peonies and lilacs, have very short bloom windows.  Large providers can force some of these varieties to bloom during other parts of the year and many can be imported internationally, especially from South America.  This is why you see peonies in a November wedding in Colorado but can only get them to bloom in May in your own garden! 

As nature lovers and conservationists, we will always encourage the use of locally grown blooms.  There is a significant environmental impact to importing flowers from other countries and our mission as local farmers is to re-engage our society with nature and cultivate biodiversity.  There are many unique, stunning, and lesser known locally grown species that we promise - will be outstanding in place of the common imports.  However, if you are dyyying for a tropical look or cannot live without Roses in your December bouquet, we will outsource as sustainably as possible to make your vision a reality!



06. Isn't it impossible to grow quality cut flowers in Colorado?

No, with a little TLC you can do it too!  All climates have their challenges, ours include: unexpected snow storms, hail, high wind and hot dry summers.  Our foucs is to use the dry summer heat and cool nights to our benefit.  We focus on heat loving annuals that can tolerate the harsh sun and clay soil.  We're constantly looking for ways to get blooms sooner in the spring and later in the fall.  One way to do this is by starting annual seeds in a heated greenhouse until after our average last frost date, May 15th.  We strive to mitigate insect pressure and disease by adding a good dose of compost each year and starting plants off right.     

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07. What types of flowers do you grow?


We're constantly trying new things and adding new varieties.  Our tried and true annuals include: poppies, cosmos, sunflowers, zinnias, queen anne's lace, bells of ireland, rudbeckia, lisianthus, basil, dill, orach, larkspur, snapdraggons, stock and much more!

Perennials and flowering woodies include: lilacs, mock orange, ninebark, roses, peonies, viburnium, coneflower, foxglove, yarrow, narcissus. 

We also have a full inventory of dahlias from fluffy dinnerplates that are perfect for weddings to tight bright balls that make wonderful additions to a tabletop bouquet.