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Wedding & Event Flowers a la Carte

Fresh. Dried. Sola Wood Flowers

Inspired by the seasons, our arrangements and bouquets feature heirloom, old fashioned and unique flower varieties. The a la carte package provides quality garden designs; we arrange your flowers using the best of season in your desired color palette and style.  You create your own custom package based on what fits your needs by choosing from our floral menu.   We'll gather details to make sure we capture your "vibe" and talk through any questions you may have.   


Flowers and foliage from our Sedalia Farm will be used year round when available.  For dried flowers, please order well in advance so we can save the correct inventory.   We supplement fresh flowers from our farmer friends in the south during seasonal downtimes as needed.  Available for pick-up or delivery.

We’ve provided sample photos, descriptions and prices for all of our offerings.  The flowers you receive will reflect your desired color palette, style and what’s in season.  Vases and supplies vary based on style and are included in the cost.  If you're looking for something not listed, let us know and we can accommodate.

Personal & Wearable Flowers

Ceremony & Reception Flowers

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Floral Chair Decor


Bundles of blooms and greenery that attach to chairs or pews and provide a lovely ceremony aisle decor.

Wedding Table

Petite Focal Arrangement


Perfect for an 8 person round table centerpiece or combined with garland and bud vases on long tables. Measures ~12-15” tall and 8-12” wide.

Wedding Ceremony Stage

Statement Piece 


Large, dramatic arrangement; often used in entrances and around the ceremony space.  Can be made to attach to an arch.  Measures ~ 28-32” tall and 20-24” wide.

Wedding Table Setup

Bud Vase with Flowers

$20 - set of 3

$35 - set of 5

For decorating cocktail tables, the bar, or interspersed with larger centerpieces down a long kings table.

Flower Arrangement

Focal Arrangement


Lush, medium-sized arrangement.  Measures ~15-18” tall and 15-18” wide.


Flowers for Sale

Loose Flowers


Small mason jar of loose flowers and foliage to decorate the cake, pin in hair, or fill in where needed (always chemical free).

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